Month: June 2021

How to spot the ‘Magic Beauty’ spa in Singapore

Beauty spa operator Aqua Beauty Spa has a strong presence in Singapore’s major cities, where its brand is widely known.But for some, it’s also been one of the city’s most underutilised and neglected businesses.It was in Singapore in the early 2000s when Aqua Beauty, owned by the same group that owns the beauty spa company […]

‘Beauty spa’ has been revived in India

NEW DELHI: The ‘Beautiful Spa’ in the city of Indore has been restored after a 30-year-long battle to keep it open and running.The ‘Garden of Eden’ spa in the outskirts of the city reopened in July after a series of restoration and renovation projects over the past five years.The owners of the ‘Beautical Spa’ said it […]

Which is better for your skin?

The answer: The sun.A study conducted by researchers at Harvard University suggests that people who go to the sun have higher levels of the hormone melatonin, which promotes healthy skin.Melatonin is a chemical that signals to your brain that it is time to go outside.This is important for your health, and your mood, because melatonin […]

Nicole beauty spa in Northville, Northvale set to open

Nicole beauty salon in Northvale will be the first Northville beauty salon to open in 2017.The salon, located in Northgate Road, is set to launch on April 17, with a reception and spa service starting from Rs 15,000 per person.It will also have spa treatments, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and more.“It’s a unique spa […]

Moroccan beauty spa opens in Montreal

A Moroccan beauty resort has opened in Montreal’s downtown, with more than 200 guests.The resort, which opened in April, will be located in the historic Grand St-Michel area, and will be the first in Canada to offer a spa with a full-service spa, a salon, a pedicure room and a fitness center.The hotel is also […]

How to find a new spa, massage and spa treatments

Find a new beauty spa or spa treatment and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by getting your hair done by a professional, said Holly D’Orazio, the CEO of a Melbourne-based agency that works with the industry to find new spa treatments.The agency, which has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, has been […]

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