Get ready to make some new friends in the spa.

The Zagathas, who are owned by an American family, opened their first beauty spa in California in 2012 and have been expanding their services since then.

Now the Zags have expanded to a second location in Las Vegas and are expanding into Europe, according to Zagashista.

Their spa in San Diego recently opened.

The spa offers three services: spa, home, and wellness.

They also offer home therapy, which is a lot like the acupuncture you see in a spa.

There are different kinds of therapies available, but you’re supposed to have a massage and massage therapy and also get a massage with a personal assistant.

The three spa services are: home therapy: You get a warm massage from the spa owner and they’ll massage your body.

They’ll massage and make you feel relaxed.

spa: You can use their personal massage chair.

home therapy and wellness: You’ll have a private room where you can get a spa massage.

They can also make you work out, which you can do in a different room.

The service is free.

But you’ll need to pay to get in.

You can pay to stay at the spa, which costs $65 a day.

The spa is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home spa will be located at 9300 North Avenue in Las Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is the second Zagats beauty spa to open in the Las Vegas area.

The first, located in New York City, opened in 2013.

The Las Vegas Zags will have a new home in 2016, but the spa’s owners will continue to operate the Las Vegas facility.

They say they plan to keep it open as long as the demand is there.

“The demand is always there and we are always looking for new ways to keep bringing our clients and our staff in touch,” said Shonda Zagashi, the Zaghats’ CEO.

“We are always open to expansion and new opportunities.”