Logos Beauty Spa in Sathirapuram in Kerala, India, has been receiving a lot of criticism on social media for allegedly providing ‘beauty’ treatments without a prescription.

However, the spa claims that their products are safe, and even a woman with a chronic condition like diabetes can benefit from them.

A photo posted on Instagram showed a woman who had been admitted to the spa with diabetes.

However the spa is denying that the woman had any health problems and claimed that her condition was due to diabetes.

A few days later, another Instagram user commented that the spa was giving ‘natural remedies’ that didn’t have a prescription, but the spa’s owner, Lakshmi, told the Times of Indians that the photo was taken when she was in the waiting room and was not an advertisement for the spa.

In the Instagram post, Lakshmipa also claimed that she had never given a prescription for any treatment, nor had any of the patients ever been prescribed medication.

She also said that the photos were taken while the patient was in a coma, which was later confirmed to be false.

The controversy started when a woman came in with diabetes and had to be admitted to a medical hospital.

The hospital officials said that she needed insulin, but Lakshmipe claimed that they couldn’t give her insulin due to her diabetes.

She said that they were giving a ‘natural remedy’ that wasn’t prescribed for a chronic disease, but was still giving her the ‘treatment’ she was requesting.

She went on to claim that the people at the hospital were giving the ‘medical’ treatment, which is completely different from what she was getting.

She added that the ‘natural’ treatment they gave her wasn’t any treatment at all, and that they only gave her a ‘small treatment’ which she was given on the spot, and she was then allowed to return to her home without any issues.

She then took to Instagram to express her anger over the issue, claiming that the images had been taken while she was unconscious, and her condition worsened and worsened and then she had to go back to hospital.

Lakshmile said that even if her condition had improved, the photos that were taken were not even for the purpose of giving her ‘health’ care.

“I’m a mother and I need to treat my children with dignity, not just with the treatment I’m given,” Lakshmily said.

The tweets were shared hundreds of times, and the issue spread across the social media platforms.

On Thursday, the Kerala government ordered the closure of the spa and its owners.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said that, after consulting with the state government, the government has banned the spa from operating and ordered the owners to be removed from their respective premises.

The spa has been shut down from 8pm on Friday.

“We have received reports that the owners have been operating the spa for over one year without a licence and were also not properly monitoring and ensuring the safety of the public,” a Kerala Health spokesperson said.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated by the Government.

The owners of this spa have breached the Health Rules and the Public Health Rules of the state of Kerala and will be subject to disciplinary action,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“As soon as the authorities receive the information and information is received by them, they will act accordingly.”

However, not all users have been on board with the spa owners, and some have started questioning why they are allowed to operate under the rules of the law.

“It’s a shame that this spa has gone unlicensed in Kerala.

I have seen the pictures on social, and I know what the owners are trying to do,” one user, who goes by the handle of @niravadh, wrote.

“They are putting a big business on the back of the poor.

Is this how they treat the poor?”

“I think the owners should be sacked and the government should have banned them.

This is not a proper business, and they should be brought to book,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, some people have also defended the spa, saying that they had been offering ‘health care’ for the poor people of Kerala, and have never prescribed any medication.

“When I first saw the pictures, I thought this was just a bad advert for the salon, but I was wrong.

The ‘health spa’ was just doing the best they could,” one person who goes under the name @saraswamal wrote on Instagram.

“The pictures that have gone viral show a very poor and sickly woman with diabetes, and there are so many good things about this spa,” another person wrote.

Another person said that it was the same spa that gave ‘natural healing’ to a woman suffering from severe allergies.

“Just because they are ‘natural’, doesn’t mean they are good,” another said.