More than 20 years ago, a New York Times article about the Monalia, New York, beauty salon in which the famed model Monalia Bryant and her husband, the legendary director William Friedkin, worked inspired this article.

The article, titled “Monalia Bryant, the Most Beautiful Woman in America,” described Bryant as “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Bryant, whose career has spanned more than a half-century, was an iconic figure in the American fashion industry and one of the world’s most famous and well-known women, with a number of films, a Broadway show and countless book and TV roles.

Bryant is best known for her iconic, and controversial, role in the Oscar-winning film, “Pulp Fiction,” which won Best Picture and Best Director at the 1972 Academy Awards.

She was also an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and screen director, whose first film, a biopic of the actress, “Boys Don’t Cry,” won Best Director and Best Picture in 1971.

Bryan Cranston, who played Monalia in the movie, has said Bryant was “a genius and a woman of incredible talent.”

“I’ve always been impressed by the way she did things that were extraordinary and had an incredible impact on the world, the world in which we live,” Cranston said in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine in 2009.

“She was a brilliant and powerful woman.”

Monalia is survived by her husband William Friedson and their two children, Elinor and James.