All in Beauty spa in Melbourne has recently closed.

It was shut in April this year.

The spa has had a hard time attracting new clients in recent years due to the closure of its Victorian branches, with its Melbourne branch having experienced a downturn in recent months.

Melbourne’s All In Beauty Spa in Melbourne is closing.

The Spa has had its Melbourne branches closed for the last few years.

All In Beauty, which has two branches in Melbourne and three in Perth, said in a statement that it was closing its Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide branches for the “next few months” and that it is not in the planning stages of relocating its Melbourne and Perth branches.

The statement said the closures would mean the end of its spa, which opened in 2001.

The Victorian branch closed in March this year after a period of closure and has been in the process of seeking a new location.

The Perth branch closed this year and has since sought a new, independent location.

All In’s Melbourne and WA branches are the only remaining Melbourne branches in Australia.

A spokesman for All In said the Victorian branch was seeking a “more sustainable” location and that a “plan is in the works to move the Spa to a location suitable for a more diverse clientele”.

The spokesman said the new location will be “commercially viable”.

All in Beauty has had some success in Melbourne, with about 80 new clients a month coming to its Melbourne-based branch.

Its Melbourne branch has been attracting a younger clientele, but the WA branch has also had some difficulty attracting new customers.

It is not known if the WA and Melbourne branches will reopen in the near future.

As well as All In and the other Beauty resorts in Australia, All In has a network of Spa Clubs, which include several other beauty resorts in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.