LONDON — L’Oréal Beauty Spa in London, England, is launching a “Real Beauty Experience” in Australia, featuring a beauty show for men and women.

The Real Experience is a new beauty service that will offer men and girls “beauty, nutrition and lifestyle consultations” through its Beauty Labs in both Australia and the U.K.

The new service, which launched in May in Sydney, Australia, will be launched across a broad range of products from L’oreal, as well as other L’Os, according to the Australian Beauty Care website.

The “Real Experience” will include a “premium, exclusive L’oreal” experience for men, with a variety of products available for men.

The company says it has “a long and successful history” with L’ Oreal in Australia.

“L’Oliveira, the world’s leading beauty brand, is proud to partner with L.O.P. in launching a new global beauty service for men &g women, offering unique products and services to help men & g women live their best lives, and to build healthy habits, with an all-inclusive experience to help make it easy for men to live their life the way they want,” the company said in a statement.

The brand also said that the Real Experience will “enable men &girls to take control of their health, happiness and well-being.”

L’ Oliveira’s website says the new service will be offered in Australia from April 15, and will be available at its BeautyLab in Sydney.

“For the first time, the Real Beauty experience will bring a wealth of new products, including natural skin care, skin care essentials, essential oils and more,” the website reads.

The Real experience will be a chance for men in Australia to get hands-on with the newest L.”

The Real beauty experience will include personalised advice from L. O.P., including products to help you achieve your goals, as part of our comprehensive line-up of skin care products.”

The Real experience will be a chance for men in Australia to get hands-on with the newest L.

Os products to be released around the world.

“L’Orléa is committed to empowering men & girls with the latest technology to help them live their lives as they want, which is why we are so excited to offer a unique L’ oreal experience for our Australian men & women,” the site reads.

“We’re so excited for our men & girl customers in Australia who have chosen to make this journey and want to be part of the experience.”

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