Find a new beauty spa or spa treatment and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save by getting your hair done by a professional, said Holly D’Orazio, the CEO of a Melbourne-based agency that works with the industry to find new spa treatments.

The agency, which has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, has been providing services to the cosmetic and spa industry since 2013 and has clients in more than 80 countries.

“We have clients who have had hair done at our office in Melbourne for more than three years now, and for a long time they thought they were doing the right thing, but now they have an option,” Ms D’Orzio said.

“People who don’t want to pay for hair care are now looking at alternatives, and we’re able to offer a cheaper and more personalized service than other companies.”

Beauty spa treatment costs The average cost of a hair care appointment is $5,000, but some people can save more by opting for a salon treatment instead.

“If you’re in a budget, and you’re just looking to go and have a good time, there’s nothing worse than going to a hair salon, but you’re not going to get the best results because you’re going to have to pay $5k to $6k,” Ms Orazio said, adding that she can often find cheaper alternatives online.

“The salon can be pretty expensive and the treatment can cost up to $40-50k and we don’t get paid that much.”

But what about a spa?

The spa can often be more expensive than the hair care, but sometimes it’s not worth it, she said.

This is because they may have different services and prices.

“It’s a really big difference between a spa and a salon, and if you’re looking for a spa it’s best to look at the salon,” she said, referring to the beauty spa treatment.

If you do choose to go to a salon for a hair treatment, you’ll have to spend more money than what a salon will normally charge, because they charge a fee for services such as hair cleaning and styling.

But you’ll also pay more for the spa treatment, because the treatment will cost you more than what you would have paid at the hair salon.

Ms D’toria said the difference between the two types of spa treatments could be worth it because the spa will allow you to have a more personalized spa experience.

“Sometimes people don’t understand what a spa is and it’s a way to do your hair,” she added.

Ms Dorzio also said it could be worthwhile to get a tattoo at a spa. “

They can do a lot more than just wash your hair, or give you a massage.”

Ms Dorzio also said it could be worthwhile to get a tattoo at a spa.

“You can have a tattoo in your skin or your hands and have it done,” she explained.

“And if you have a very specific thing you want done, then a tattoo can be a great way to achieve that.”

But, what about if you don’t have a lot of money?

Ms Dorezio suggested getting a tattoo, or getting a new face, for yourself, but not all people would have the time to do so.

“There are people who are in really expensive relationships, or people who don: don’t work and live alone and don’t travel and live in expensive apartments,” she noted.

“So people who have a busy lifestyle will want a new look and a new tattoo, because it’s something they can put on their body.”

You can also get your hair cut at a barbershop, or get your face done at a salon.

“I would definitely get a barber’s cut or get my face done and it could really be a difference for me, because I don’t know what’s going to happen with my hair after a barb cut,” Ms Loy said.

You can even have your hair straightened and your eyebrows taken off at a tattoo parlour, she added, although this is not something that you’d want to do in your home.

“But people with different personalities might have a different approach to their hair, and having a tattoo might be something that they’d really like to do,” Ms Kinsman said.