A Moroccan beauty resort has opened in Montreal’s downtown, with more than 200 guests.

The resort, which opened in April, will be located in the historic Grand St-Michel area, and will be the first in Canada to offer a spa with a full-service spa, a salon, a pedicure room and a fitness center.

The hotel is also part of the Moroccans’ newly launched $250-million development plan, which includes a $100-million hotel and condo development that will be built on land donated by the Moroccan government.

The development will be a new and historic hotel and residential tower in the Grand St. Michel area.

The spa will have its own kitchen and kitchenettes.

The luxury hotel is part of a larger project that is now underway that includes a new development called St. Thomas, which will include a hotel, office tower and two condo towers.

Moroccan residents have been invited to help the hotel with the construction of the new development.

The Moroccas development is being developed by the Moroccan Development Corporation.

The new hotel will be in the heart of downtown Montreal, just north of the iconic Centre Pompidou and just south of the popular Côte-des-Neiges.

The plan also includes a 1,200-room boutique hotel that will open in 2018 and a new residential tower, which is planned to be one of the tallest in Canada.

Morocco has a history of attracting visitors to its shores.

The first Moroccabans arrived in Canada in the 17th century.

They brought with them their culture, customs and language, which became known as the Moricans.

Today, about 50,000 Moroccos live in Canada and many Moroccants in the Middle East, Africa and Asia also have connections to the Moroco culture.

The Canadian government has pledged $10-million over the next three years to support the construction and maintenance of a new, $200-million Morocca development in the region.

The project is being funded by a government-backed loan that is aimed at developing the region’s economy and creating jobs.

The government will also provide $200,000 for the Morocalcos to renovate and open their new hotel and apartments.

Moroco Culture, which has been in the planning stages for several years, announced the announcement Friday.

It said that it will work with the community to provide services, including the installation of a digital and audio system, a bar and restaurant, a community garden and a public art space.

The community will also be invited to contribute to the construction.

“We are looking forward to welcoming all the new Morocos to the beautiful and exciting development of St.

Thomas Hotel and St. Moritz Centre, which was opened in 2019, and which will bring together the finest of Morocan culture and the best of our modern art, architecture and history,” said Marcella Rochon, Moroco Cultural director.