A Phn beauty (Phn, pronounced pho-nay) spa, or ‘pho spa’, is a kind of spa or spa complex located in the heart of New Delhi’s sprawling, crowded, and expensive city of Delhi.

Its owners are known for their lavish, extravagant decor, which includes large, white, wooden chairs, white and blue glass windows, white marble tables, a red carpet, and a large waterfall.

They also boast large, painted walls, balconies, and private gardens.

This particular Phn spa is located in an upscale area called Dharavi (formerly Sion, the capital of Punjab province), in the eastern part of the city.

The owners have a well-established reputation for high-end spa treatments, including face painting, massage, and skin whitening.

It is also the only spa in Delhi that has the luxury of having a large pool.

The spa is open from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Friday, with regular hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

The price range of the spa is between $2,000 to $4,000 per visit.

Here’s a brief guide to all the things you need when you visit the Phn Beauty Spa in Delhi: How to get there: The Phn Spa is located on the east side of the Delhi city.

If you are coming from anywhere else in the city, you will need to take a taxi or a shuttle bus.

To get there, you can catch a taxi from the Jantar Mantar area to the Phlas.

Then take the taxi to the entrance of the Phna Spa, where you will see an orange sign with a red dot in the middle.

Then you have to pay about ₹30 for a pass and go through the gate to the spa.

When you get inside, you’ll find a large, circular room with white, white wooden chairs.

The rooms are arranged like a spa, and the rooms are decorated with different colors of flowers and a green and white flooring.

There are a lot of mirrors on the walls, which is probably one of the most attractive features of the facility.

The room is very small.

Inside the room, you need not to worry about getting wet.

The water in the spa comes from a waterfall and runs into a pool.

There is a pool and spa on the other side of a large outdoor space with several chairs and a waterfall on the opposite side.

The Spa is equipped with a spa room, a sauna, and an outdoor swimming pool.

You can also go swimming in the swimming pool, which has a capacity of 500 people.

To enter the pool, you have the option of taking a swim with the water.

You will need a pool pass and a white towel and a towel that has a small patch of water on it.

There will be a towel in the pool which will provide you with extra water when you get out.

The pool is not only for swimming, but also for exercise.

The area where you can exercise is about 2 km long.

There’s also a small gym where you have access to a treadmill.

This is where you should do your warm up for the day.

The Gym also has an outdoor sauna where you are allowed to shower, and you can even go to the sauna.

The gym has a large bar that has free weights and other equipment.

It also has a swimming pool where you’ll be able to swim.

You should also see the ‘W’ sign on the wall, which indicates you have entered the pool.

When entering the pool area, there will be plenty of water and the pool will be warm.

There have been complaints of people getting sunburned in the area and also getting cold spots on their skin.

You are advised to use sunscreen and wear a hat, because the pool is located close to the city’s busy intersections.

What to do if you have a cold or flu: If you have been diagnosed with a cold, you should go to a doctor.

There may be a doctor nearby, but you should wait for them to come to the area before going in to get checked.

It will be recommended that you stay inside the pool for the duration of your stay.

The pools are not only warm, but have a shower.

After the shower, you are advised by the doctor to get some fresh air.

Do not go swimming.

If your symptoms are not getting better, then you can take a nap in the saunas.

Do take a shower, as the pool water has a cooling effect.

You need to wash your face with soap and water.

If there are any problems with your skin, then they should be checked by a doctor who will be outside the pool to see if the problem is the water itself or whether there are other factors causing your skin problems.