MISSISSIPPI (India)—The beauty spa Piorras is a destination for a lot of people.

It was founded by the wife of one of India’s richest men and a young Indian woman, but now it is going up for sale and the sale is a big deal.

The business was once the darling of the affluent, but its demise in 2017 has given rise to some controversy.

The spa is a major attraction for the Indian city of Pune and it is said to attract up to 300,000 visitors a day, but the sale has been postponed.

The spa’s mainstay is a spa called Piorrata, which offers spa treatment for about 10,000 patients, including the elderly and the blind.

According to the company, Piorramas service has improved markedly since it was opened in the early 1990s.

“Our focus has always been on the people who need our services and who we believe in,” said Ritu Kaur, owner of the spa.

“We have a good relationship with the local people and we are grateful for the hospitality.”

The spa also offers the services of a massage and pedicures, but Kaur said they have not been widely adopted in India.

Piorra, in the northern Indian state of Maharashtra, was one of the earliest spa resorts to offer treatment in the 1990s, but since then the spa has become a popular attraction for its service.

The company says its spa treatments are more affordable than in other Indian cities, and the facilities are also spacious.

The price of a treatment ranges from $25 to $150, depending on the client’s age.

The Piorraras spa is located in the town of Karkani in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The hotel has two reception rooms, a lounge, and a bar area, with an outdoor terrace and a pool.

There are also two outdoor kitchens, a bar, and private bedrooms.

There is also a spa area, and an outdoor pool.

Kaur and her husband had been working in the city of Mumbai, but they moved to Piorrah in 2010.

They took a job in the spa at Piorrapatna, a suburb of Mumbai.

According for the company’s website, Poorras is “the perfect place for an experienced and skilled doctor or masseur.”

Kaur said that she and her family, including her husband, have been to Poorra for more than a decade.

“They have provided us with the best care in our lives,” she said.

The local population is also very hospitable.

She added that the spa is popular among the younger generation of people who have grown up around the city.

Poorra has also been praised for its high standards and high quality of care.

The Piorrakas spa, which was also established in the late 1990s before the internet, is rated as “Top 10 in India” by a global rating agency, and is rated by Forbes India as the country’s most popular spa.