NEW DELHI: The ‘Beautiful Spa’ in the city of Indore has been restored after a 30-year-long battle to keep it open and running.

The ‘Garden of Eden’ spa in the outskirts of the city reopened in July after a series of restoration and renovation projects over the past five years.

The owners of the ‘Beautical Spa’ said it had lost a number of staff members over the years, including the owner, but had managed to revive the business.

“We have worked for over two decades to revive our business, which has been totally neglected by the government,” said a visibly frustrated Prakash, the owner of the business and a local BJP leader.

He said the restoration of the spa was a huge win for the people of Indores, a predominantly Muslim and tribal area in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

“It is an amazing victory for us.

It was our loss and we have to carry on with our business.

We hope to reopen the business soon,” he said.

A video on the ‘Gardens of Eden Spa’ Facebook page shows people attending the restoration and renovations.

It has been shared more than 2.5 lakh times on social media.

The spa has long been a source of controversy, with many residents of the area and outsiders complaining that the place had been overrun by foreigners.

But the renovation project, which started in 2012, saw the building rebuilt in an eco-friendly way and brought in some new modern amenities such as a yoga room and fitness centre.