Beauty spa operator Aqua Beauty Spa has a strong presence in Singapore’s major cities, where its brand is widely known.

But for some, it’s also been one of the city’s most underutilised and neglected businesses.

It was in Singapore in the early 2000s when Aqua Beauty, owned by the same group that owns the beauty spa company Moxie, opened its first beauty salons.

But the business went through a tumultuous decade that saw the group close its beauty salon in Singapore, with the company struggling to stay afloat in the country.

Since then, Aqua Beauty has gone through several iterations.

It has opened several beauty salums in different parts of Singapore, and now, it is planning to open a new spa in the city of Taichung, which is about 80km (50 miles) from Taichong.

It opened its new salons in Taicheng in December.

The new spa is expected to be more modern than the original Aqua Beauty spa, which was first opened in 2009.

The Aqua Beauty logo at the Aqua Beauty beauty spa in Taichiung, China.

Source: ABC News (CC BY 2.0)But for the company, this is just a first step.

It is planning a number of smaller, more personal beauty spa facilities, and plans to open its first in the capital city of Singapore in 2019.

In addition, Aqua’s cosmetics division will be opening its first two salons as part of the same new project.

It will be the first new salon to open in Singapore since 2009.

Aqua’s Beauty spa in Taipei, Taiwan.

Source : Aqua Beauty (CC 2.5)But some say it’s been a long time coming.

A lot has happened in the past five years, said a Singaporean beauty salon owner who asked not to be named.

We’re very lucky, we’ve been around for a long, long time.

But we’ve only been doing business here for a year, so we haven’t had a lot of success yet.

And many Singaporeans don’t understand the difference between Aqua and Moxies Beauty, she said.

They see the Aqua brand as the original, and we see the Moxy brand as a competitor.

So, they have different views on what the Aqua spa is all about.

The Aqua spa has a different vision than the Moxy Beauty spa.

It’s a spa, so they call it a spa.

But they are competing, so you can see it as an old-fashioned beauty salon.

Aquamarine Spa at Taichun, China, is a modern, luxury spa.

It is a beauty spa operator that has opened in Taikou in 2017.

Source: Aqua Beauty – Photo by Al Jazeera