Month: July 2021

How to rescue your beauty spa

The most effective way to rescue a beauty spa or spa treatment is to go there yourself and not wait.This article is not an advertisement and should not be construed as financial advice.All opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, The Daily Star.Follow us on Twitter @DailyStar.

How to save on beauty spa products

The beauty spa at Tribeca, the first in the US to offer salon treatments, is one of the most popular in the country.But a new report suggests that there are better alternatives out there.A survey by The Next Web found that there were a whopping 7,500 beauty spa treatments on offer at the popular Tribeca.So […]

MELBOURNE spa opens in the heart of Melbourne

MELVIN BROOK, PRESENTER: The MELbourne spa in the CBD has become a model of what an online beauty spa can be.It’s the sort of thing that could soon be replicated in the city’s inner west.It opened its doors in the first week of February, but there’s a long way to go before you can visit […]

How to spend $5,000 at a spa resort

A $5 million spa resort has emerged in the middle of the desert, a hotbed of activity and excitement, where you can go for a spa, surf, go on an excursion and even, as it happens, have sex with a robot.The new resort, dubbed Paradise Bay, opened last month in the desert near the town […]