What to consider before you go for a spa appointment: Is it a beauty spa?

Is it for health?

Is there a spa area?

If so, what kind of spa is it?

Are there children’s play areas?

If not, what are the requirements?

Is the spa clean?

Are the spa services available?

Is a massage possible?

Are guests encouraged to come?

Are they given a massage?

Is water available?

If there is a spa, is there a shower?

Is that available for those who do not wish to use a spa?

Can a guest wash their hands?

Does the spa have a bath?

Is this a private bath?

Are people allowed to go in and out of the spa?

Does anyone need to bring their own bathing suits?

Is anyone allowed to take photos of the guests?

Are children allowed in the spa at all?

Is everyone in the group allowed to see the spa if they are over 21?

Are parents allowed to bring children?

Is all of the facilities and amenities free of charge?

Can you bring your own shampoo and conditioner?

Is soap available?

Are soap dispensers available?

Do you have to wear a mask to use them?

Is any of the services provided free of cost?

Does it cost money to go to a spa and is it worth it?

Does your spa have an age limit?

Are all the rooms free of charges?

Do children need to be accompanied by a parent?

Is someone allowed to use the spa while it is open?

Does someone need to stay in the room while you are there?

Do guests have to be at least 18 years old to use certain services?

Can people bring pets?

Is food provided?

Is your spa covered by insurance?

Is access to the spa subject to a fee?

Can the spa offer a discount for seniors?

Is people allowed in after-hours?

Is an age restriction imposed on certain services or products?

Is parking available?

Does everyone get a discount on the prices they pay?

Does this spa provide free parking?

Does access to your spa require a reservation?

Does a refund policy apply?

Is free parking available for pets?

Can children get in and exit the spa after visiting the spa for the first time?

Is pet-friendly?

Are pets allowed?

Can pet owners bring their pets in?

Can pets get out of a pet-only room?

Does pet-owners have to pay the hotel’s entrance fee?

Is pets allowed to play in the pet-free area?

Can dogs be left alone in the dog-friendly area?

Is dog-resistant fencing allowed in dog-only rooms?

Is dogs allowed to roam freely?

Does dog-proofing a dog’s room allow for pets to enter?

Can dog owners stay in a dog-reserved area?

Does dogs need to use special cleaning products?

Does food and water be available?

What is the cost of pet care?

Is my pet allowed to eat in a pet zone?

Does pets need to wear certain equipment?

Is certain items such as a leash or leash leash tag required?

Is some pet-specific grooming equipment required?

Can there be a dog grooming station in a spa’s spa?

Are pet-safe and pet-rehabilitated facilities available?

Can an adult pet sit on the pet’s lap?

Does my pet need to have a leash?

Can my pet be pet-proofed?

Can cats be petted?

Is cat litter available?

Has there been a recent inspection?

Is littering allowed in pet-reservated areas?

Can I bring my pet to a pet park?

Can cat owners get pet-owner licenses?

Can someone come to my pet park to take pictures of pets?

Does there need to come in to check on pets?

Are dogs allowed in private areas?

Does an adult dog have to go outside of the pet park for any reason?

Is I allowed to feed a dog?

Does being a pet owner require that I buy pet food and treats?

Is eating in a restaurant required?

Does one need to buy food?

Is one required to wear an approved pet-resistant vest?

Is buying food for a pet required?

What about pet-pets?

Is giving food to pets necessary for health care?

Does having pets in a house or home qualify?

Does owning a pet mean you have access to a pool?

Is being a licensed pet owner enough?

Is having pets allowed in a park?

Are animals allowed in designated dog parks?

Does eating in parks require a pet permit?

Is bathing allowed in parks?

Is children allowed to be in a bathing suit?

Can bathing facilities be changed?

Can animals be taken out of bathing facilities?

Is outdoor exercise allowed in bathing facilities.

Can pets be taken into a swimming pool?

Can indoor swimming facilities be altered?

Is indoor swimming allowed?

Is animal grooming and grooming equipment provided?

Can some animals be kept indoors?

Can outdoor dogs be kept outdoors?

Can wildlife be kept out of wildlife areas?

Do people need to purchase their own