A spa in the UK has closed after six years and has closed the door on a number of its patients, as the number of beauty clinic visits has been cut to just 2.5 per cent.

The owners of the Spas Beauty Spa in Bath, in the East Midlands, announced in December that it would be closing after just six months after the spa owners were unable to find a buyer to run it.

Spas Beauty was a family run business, with the owners saying that the decision to close was driven by a lack of funding for the business.

The Spa was closed after the owners were told by their accountant that the business was unable to meet the financial requirements, with Mr and Mrs Glyn Davies now having to look to another company to run the business for at least another two years.

Spa Beauty Spa owner Mr Davies said: “The decision to shut the Spa is due to the lack of investment in the Spa and the high cost of running it.”

It is not the business we are looking to grow, we are currently looking to a company that is able to run this business for a long time.

“The owner of the spa has said that the spa is not able to keep up with demand for its services, which range from massage and beauty treatments to beauty products.

He added: “I can’t understand why this has to happen to us.”

We have been very lucky in the past, and are still very fortunate, but this is a real loss.”

I think we are all a little bit stuck and we are going to have to look for a new home.

“The spa was opened in 2010 and is run by the family who have run the shop for more than 20 years.

It opened as a family-run business with the aim of bringing together people from different ethnic backgrounds, including black people, women and young people, who came to Bath to enjoy the local culture.

Spouses have run a number different businesses, including a hair salon, a hair shop, a massage parlour and a beauty salon.

Spains family said that they were hoping to find an alternative to run a spa, but that they would be unable to do so as the business is unable to make sufficient money to keep going.

The spa will close on Sunday.