Beauty Spa franchise operator Aroma Spa Group has said that it wants to “have people in the spa” by offering them a range of spa experiences.

In a recent interview with The Irish Times, Aroma said that its beauty spa has a number of different types of spa services that it offers to its clients.

The spa has more than 30 different types, including acupuncture, acupuncture massage, laser treatments, skin treatments, facial care and more.

The Aroma spa franchise is one of a number that have sprung up across the country to cater to the growing demand for beauty services in the tourism industry.

The new franchise, which has been in operation for over a year, has attracted some 1,000 clients, with Aroma’s spa offering some of the most popular spa services in Ireland.

In total, Aromas spa has been providing spa services to clients in the Republic for around four years, said Aroma director-general Sean O’Brien.

However, it also has more facilities and facilities to offer, which have increased its business by up to 10%.

“It has been really great to see how much we’ve grown with the business in Ireland and we are really pleased with that,” said Mr O’Boyle.

“We are delighted with the level of engagement we are getting from the Irish people, particularly the younger generation who are attracted by these things.”

In addition, Mr O ‘Boyle said that the number of clients is increasing by the day.

“Our business is growing at an average rate of about 3% per month, and we have seen a steady increase in our clientele.”

This is a really positive sign for us and we believe that it is a great time to be in Ireland for business,” he added.

Mr O’Reilly said that his company is currently in discussions with some of Ireland’s top hotels to build a spa at their hotels in Dublin.”

I think that if we can build a resort for ourselves that would be a very exciting opportunity for us,” he said.

Aroma has also developed its own brand of spa care products.

The company has also been developing its own spa products in partnership with beauty specialist The Royal Hospital Spa, with the first offering to be launched in February.

Aromas customers can also book private sessions at its spa facilities and take spa classes.

The company has recently also been opening a number specialised spa treatments in partnership at hotels in London and Edinburgh.

Mr McIlroy said that he hopes that the Aroma brand will continue to grow in Ireland with the introduction of new specialised facilities at hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton.