As the ASWC continues its push to increase spa attendance and make it the preferred destination for beauty spa clients, it is pushing ahead with plans to install a spa in the capital city of Bangkok.

As part of the push, the ASWB has announced a partnership with beauty spa and wellness provider Asana, which has agreed to build and run a spa for the city.

“We have reached a point in our partnership where we feel we can offer our clients the best spa experience possible in Bangkok,” Asana’s executive director, Tuan Suryakumaran, told the AP in an interview.

The ASWB says that with Asana in the mix, Bangkok will have the best “health spa experience” in Asia.

The spa will be located in the Soi 10 district, which is part of a new development project, the Soiree Centre, which will include a fitness centre, fitness studios, a gymnasium and a spa.

Suryakun said that the spa will have a different feel to other beauty salons in Bangkok, as well as being a better place for people with chronic illnesses.

“It will be a spa with the same style and the same lifestyle,” he said.

The Asana spa is part in a new health spa development project in Bangkok.

The spa will include fitness studios and a gym.

Suryaka said the spa would have different look and feel to existing beauty saloons in the city, as it will include the same amenities, including a fitness room, fitness studio, a fitness studio gym and a wellness room.

The plan is to have the spa open in mid-December, and will operate at a rate of 60-90 spa visits a day, Suryaka added.

“The spa itself is designed to accommodate up to 150 people and a variety of activities and services,” he told the news agency.

Asana has already had its spa in Bangkok since February.

The brand has already been in operation in China and Malaysia, and has been in talks with other Asian countries for the next few years, Soryakumaru said.

“In the next six months, we will expand the spa to other Asian markets and then we will have more sites in other countries,” he added.

The spa is expected to open its doors in the second quarter of 2019.