Using your smartphone to save money is a no-brainer.

It’s free.

You can use it to scan coupons, check price tags, and check the current price of items at a spa, or even check the weather and see what time it is.

There are so many different ways to save time and money with your smartphone.

So if you’re thinking of giving your smartphone a go, here are some tips for making the most of it. 1.

Check your device’s battery life 2.

Use the app that you already have 3.

Read a news article that relates to your needs 4.

Find a product that you think is worth checking out 5.

Check the weather on the day of your trip.


Check how much time you have left to get to the spa before it closes 7.

Look up the time before you go to the venue 8.

Check what the weather is going to be like before you get there 9.

Check if you need a parking pass to get there 10.

Check on your pet and ask for it 11.

Read news stories about a popular product, such as an upcoming beauty or spa sale 12.

Use a shopping app to make the most out of your device 13.

Read an online article about the spa that you want to see 14.

Check in with your friends and family 15.

Use your phone to buy gift cards for a spa that’s near you 16.

Watch videos of celebrities interacting with your device 17.

Watch beauty products from brands you already know about 18.

Check for deals on beauty products at beauty spas and beauty spazes 19.

Use coupons for discounts on beauty and Spa products 20.

Check out the weather at your local spa 21.

Use an app that’s specifically tailored to your interests 22.

See what the current prices are at a beauty spa 23.

Find out how much it costs to visit a beauty or Spa that you’re interested in 24.

Check weather on a day when you’re headed to a spa.


Check whether you need to take a vacation to the nearby spa.


Check prices of products at a popular spa that are often discounted 27.

Check a spa’s location and availability 28.

Check to see if there’s a discount on spa admission tickets.


Check which beauty products are still available in your local area.


Look at a list of the most popular products in the spa and the price tags for each item.


Read information about spa coupons on Amazon.


Check with your local beauty supply store to find a spa near you 33.

Check product prices on your local Amazon Prime store 34.

Use Amazon’s Shopping Center to see how much you can save.


Read reviews of the best beauty products in your area.


Use apps that provide real-time reviews.


Use Apple Pay to buy your favourite products.


Read about a new product that’s on sale in your store 39.

Watch a beauty tutorial video from a trusted beauty source.


Use Yelp to find beauty products that are on sale at your favourite spa.


Search for spa coupons at the spa’s website.


Read beauty reviews and reviews of products from other users.


Use beauty products on Amazon Prime.


Read articles about a brand or spa from a reputable publication.


Find the best price on spa gift cards at beauty and spas stores.


Look for coupons and discounts on spa tickets.


Check price tags at beauty stores and online stores.


Check local news sites for product news and discounts.


Check news about spa and beauty products to see what’s going on in the area.


Check where the nearest spa is. 51.

Find other people’s reviews of spa products.


Check products at the nearest beauty spa.


Use Instagram to see the latest beauty tutorials.


Check coupons and offers on beauty websites.


Read posts about the latest spa or beauty products.


Use Twitter to find spa reviews and news.


Use Facebook to find the latest news on beauty.


Check coupon offers on websites.


Check Instagram photos from a local beauty salon.


Check beauty coupons at your nearest beauty supply shop.


Read the latest reviews on beauty brands and products.


Look in the weather report of your local Spa and Beauty store.


Watch the latest videos of celebrity interacting with a beauty product.


Check up on a spa or spa spa-related celebrity news stories.


Watch news stories or browse beauty magazines about a spa you like.


Check spa coupons for discount prices at a local Beauty and Spa store.


Read how to use the app to save on spa rentals.


Look through a spa gift guide to find something you like 67.

Check Spa deals online or at your favorite beauty store. 69. Read