How to get the best of both worlds with your spa experience, whether it’s a beauty spa or a private home spa.

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa, we recommend your first step is to book your hotel.

While some private spa operators offer complimentary overnight stays for up to five nights, it can be difficult to find the room for a spa stay.

To save on the costs of a hotel stay, we found it was better to book an in-room spa for a couple of nights.

If you’re in the market for a home spa, there are also plenty of online and in-person booking services available.

While we didn’t make a recommendation for the best spa for you, we did want to share a few tips to help you choose a spa.1.

Look for an inhouse spa that offers complimentary overnight accommodations.2.

Find a spa that is a destination destination and not just a luxury resort.3.

Make sure the spa is a well-known name and has a dedicated following.4.

If possible, book a private spa as soon as possible.5.

Ask your favorite spa-goers if they have any tips for you on how to get a better spa experience.

If a spa doesn’t offer a spa-like experience, we’ve rounded up some tips to make your booking experience even more enjoyable.1.)

Find a hotel that offers a spa and hotel suite option.

If your destination is a hotel or a large convention center, we suggest booking a room for two or three nights.

You’ll save money and the hassle of having to pay the hotel bills when you leave.2.)

Find out if your destination has a private bathhouse, spa, or spa-type services that can be booked for a small fee.

If so, find out if you can book an overnight stay in a private facility.3.)

Visit local businesses that offer in-house or private spa services.

You may be able to find a spa or private room for your visit that is not covered by your hotel booking fee.4.)

Check out the price of your hotel room.

Most hotels have a sliding scale of how much you’ll save if you book your rooms in advance, so you’ll want to check this before you book.5.)

Check with your hotel’s general manager or spa or home spa services for additional options and prices.