TechCrunch founder and editor-in-chief Alexis Ohanian has launched a new blog dedicated to the topic of beauty spa hatred.

“I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a beauty spa that is both beautiful and scary,” Ohanian wrote in an open letter published today on Ohanian’s new site,

“The idea of an unruly beauty spa is one that is, well, very unruly.”

BeautySpas are not new in the US, of course, but they’re getting more attention in the West, where they’re becoming a popular tourist attraction, a destination for fashion-conscious tourists and a popular source of money for many people.

In fact, Beauty Spas have become a tourist attraction and a source of income for many in the country.

In the United States, the number of BeautySpan locations has grown to nearly 500 and are set to double in the coming years, according to data from the American Beauty Association.

Ohanian says she started the blog because she’s always wondered about the experience of a BeautySpac visitor.

“It’s not just that you’re there for a day, you’re walking around and smelling the roses,” she wrote.

“You get a massage.

You get a free spa day.

And you’re not supposed to wear your hair up, either.”

Ohanian also said she wanted to get a better understanding of the experiences people have when they visit a Beauty Spa, and she wanted the community to be involved in that discussion.

“We need to have the discussion, not just about beauty, but about why we’re here,” she said.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go to a spa, but I’m also wondering why people are so quick to go there, why they’re so eager to try it.

If they have a story to tell, I want to hear it.”

The new blog has been designed to be a place for those in the beauty industry to discuss their experiences, but it’s also a place where people who might not be in the business are able to share their thoughts.

Ohania said she had originally wanted to focus on “the beauty industry itself,” but after researching the topic, she decided to start a community dedicated to it.

“This is a space for beauty bloggers, beauty enthusiasts, and anyone else who’s been through a Beauty Spa experience and wants to share what they’ve learned,” Ohania wrote.

The beauty blogger community, she added, is already growing.

The community also features a section called “How to Be a Great Beauty Salon” that focuses on “how to become a great beauty salon.”

Ohania is also adding a section to the blog dedicated “How To Avoid a Beauty Scam.”

The blog is set to be open until August 1.