An owner of a beauty skin care spa in Saskatoon says he is considering closing the facility and shutting down because of complaints from his customers.​The spa, which has a storefront in the city, has a full-time manager and about a dozen staff.

​But last month, the owner said the complaints started coming in.​”We’ve had some pretty serious complaints about the service, the quality of our services,” said Stephen O’Brien, owner of the Spa and Spa Salon in the Old Town.​O’Brien said customers have complained about not being able to get their order, not being allowed to take photos with their children, and getting a $60 charge for a spa treatment.

“We don’t have to be a perfect skin care salon,” O’Briens​told CBC News on Thursday.

“We just have to try and offer the best service.”​In a statement to CBC News, a spokeswoman for the City of Saskatoon said the spa is being investigated by city council and will be shut down if it is found to be in breach of city rules.​We do not want to go through the legal process and put our employees in danger, she said.

We understand that there are concerns.

We are looking into the issue and will take action as necessary.”​Oberholz, the city councillor, said he is working with the city’s Health Department, and city manager of the spa, to investigate the issue.