A spa with a lot of Instagram followers isn’t just for those looking for the latest trend.

Here are five easy ways to get the most of your Instagram feed, as well as a few tricks for your friends and family to follow you too.


Use your Instagram to spread the word and get followers.

Instagram is the best way to spread a brand’s brand and it’s a great way to engage your followers on social media.

It’s also great for your Instagram account, since the more followers you get, the more Instagram content you can upload.

This can make all the difference in how much traffic your account gets.

So, use Instagram as an opportunity to get followers, promote your products and get the word out about the brands you love.


Post your favorite photos to your Instagram photos.

While you can post your favorite Instagram photos, there are a few rules: Be sure to tag them as photos you’ve used in the past.

For example, you can’t post a photo from a party with a hashtag and say, “I used to be a photographer but my Instagram was too busy for me to take photos of the party!”

Or you can tag photos that you want to share on your own, but don’t want to have to tag your Instagram.

You can also tag photos from your calendar that you’ve shared.


Make sure your photos are clean.

Instagram photos are usually a mess, so be sure to keep your photos clean and tagged.

And don’t forget to tag photos with a date or time stamp, since they’ll show up on your feed as a timestamp.

You don’t need to tag all your photos in one shot to make sure you don’t miss a post.


Add hashtags to your posts.

Instagram allows you to tag hashtags.

For instance, you could tag your posts #shopping, #holiday, or #lifestyle, and the hashtags will show up in your feed and be visible to your followers.

For those who follow you on Instagram, hashtags are great for sharing links to your blog or other content, which is another great way for you to connect with your followers and get them to like and share your content.


Use hashtags as an advertising tool.

Instagram has a “like” button, so you can click on a photo and it’ll bring up a share button.

It’ll show you a list of Instagram users who’ve liked the photo and your profile picture, and it can also show you how many people have liked the photos in question.

To get more followers, you should use hashtags and ads to promote your brands on Instagram.

Make use of hashtags like #santa, #hotel, #family, #birthdays, #halloween, and #babycare.

If you’re feeling creative, try tagging your photos with #birthday, #baby, or any of your favorite brands.

Make Instagram a place you want others to connect and share their pictures, so they can get to know you!