Month: August 2021

How to get your Ginko Beauty Spa in Coronado

Ginkos have been popping up in California and Nevada for quite some time.It’s pretty much the first place you would expect to see one, and there’s been a steady increase of them popping up. Now the California-Nevada area is booming. A Ginkgo spa in Corondale is already a big hit, with a total of 923 Ginkogos, or $50,000 […]

How to be an osmotic nail artist

With a busy lifestyle and many new clients, it can be difficult to find the right nail artist for your nail art needs.This article will guide you through the process of finding the best nail art salon in your area, so that you can achieve the best results and keep your nail salon in top […]

Why Mosha Beauty is So Cool and Unique Source Buzzfeed

Beauty spa designer Mosha Rose is an art-loving, stylist-turned-photographer who specializes in creating elegant, chic and unique looks that are designed to make a statement.While most beauty bloggers post beautiful designs in the hopes that they’ll inspire others to follow in her footsteps, Rose has built a career on creating and creating beautiful work that’s […]

How to make the most of your home with a home spa

Blooms, beauty salons and other beauty products, including bath and body treatments, are among the products that can be found in most homes, according to research by the Centre for Consumer Technology and Consumer Research (CCTR) at University of Waterloo.The CCTR is a research centre that has a focus on the emerging use of artificial […]

How to be a happy beauty salon owner

In a small town near the Mississippi border, there’s a salon for every taste and mood.And it’s all in good fun, as the salon owners explain to me.The owner, Angela Davis, is a former beauty therapist.She opened her salon in January 2015 and now has around 150 staff members.She said she was inspired by the […]

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