On March 8, 2018, Sally Beauty Spa in Missoula, Montana, closed its doors.

But in the wake of the Missoulian beauty market’s collapse, a few weeks later, the salon reopened.

Sally Beauty is a beauty salon owned by Lisa Kowal, the same woman who opened Missoulia’s first beauty salon in 1995, and she was the first Missoulan to open her own spa.

Lisa Kowing was also the first person to open a beauty business in Mississippi.

Today, the Missourian is known for the kind of spa and spa treatments that are considered the gold standard for modern spa-like experiences.

“The beauty industry is so new and growing that it is hard to know what’s going on,” Kowolz told Recode.

She said she knew a beauty shop in her hometown was going to close when she saw the opening of a similar beauty spa in New York City.

“I thought, ‘Wow, I am going to lose my customers,'” she said.

That experience helped her understand that she needed to keep a close eye on her business and keep herself abreast of trends and trends in the industry.

Her goal was to keep customers coming back.

Kowollz said she didn’t have a plan to survive the recession, but that it was important for her to keep offering the same level of quality services and makeup to her clients, who she said were coming from all over the country.

Since opening, she has expanded to other parts of the country, from San Francisco to New Orleans to Atlanta to Atlanta and Nashville.

Kowolls experience was different than other beauty salons, and it’s why she is able to survive.

“If I could go back in time, I would have never opened the first beauty salon,” she said of her opening.

It was important to her to stay up to date with what was happening in the beauty industry.

So she made sure to update her website and email address.

She said she also learned that she wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

When the Missy Beauty Beauty Spa opened in Las Vegas, she decided to start using her own product and to make sure she knew her ingredients.

She was very strict about making sure she used the best products.

She added a wellness program and has since made sure her salon offers spa treatments.

The Missy beauty salon opened its doors in the spring of 2021.

In 2018, Kowoltz received a $1 million investment from the Mississippi State Legislature.

Now, she said, the industry is growing so fast, she can’t even keep up with the growth.

While she is not worried about her business, she did think about her clients.

“I really think they are all going to be very happy to have me back,” she told Recidc.

Recode’s Lisa Kowertas interviews Lisa Kowaollz, founder of Missoulae beauty spa.