WASHINGTON — In a new survey, spa owners say they want to know more about how they can generate the money they need to run a spa, but the challenge is figuring out how to manage that risk.

“We need to understand where the money’s coming from,” said Lisa Ehrlich, vice president of marketing for Beauty Spa USA.

Many spa owners don’t know that many people opt to stay at their own homes rather than booking in a hotel or motel.

That means they may be unaware of how much they owe and may not have a plan to pay off their debt.

The industry has been struggling with a wave of bad publicity.

In July, an article in the Los Angeles Times detailed how a number of beauty salons, including The Spa and Spa Spa Luxe, were failing to pay their bills.

The spa closed in September, and several were closed because of the financial problems.

Some of the spa’s owners say the industry needs to do a better job communicating its financial risks and asking guests to sign up for a membership before they book.

“I’ve seen a lot more people sign up than ever before, and they need some education,” said Sharon Hirsch, owner of the Rosebud Spa in Los Angeles.

“We have to be able to help them understand that there is risk involved.”