Beauty Spa Canterbury has launched a new line of products and has opened its doors for you to experience first hand.

The brand’s first product, the Beauty Spa canter, is an all-in-one body wash and skincare product.

The product is formulated with the skin’s natural oils, minerals, peptides and antioxidants, and is formulated to absorb in a matter of seconds.

“It’s a lot like your skin,” said the brand’s founder, Tara Sjostrom, who went on to say that the product is 100 per cent pure.

“It’s an all in one body wash.

You can use it everyday.”

The canter comes in two different shades, a light green and a cream.

The canters packaging and colours are inspired by the colours of the sun, which is a natural sunscreen for the skin.

It also contains Vitamin C and vitamin E. The colour is similar to the sun’s colour, and has been designed to be easy to apply.

The products range from a 10ml bottle to a 2.5ml bottle.

The products range is available online at

The Beauty Spa, which opened its first store in January, has been selling its products for over a year.

“I’ve been trying to create something that people will want to buy, because they’ve just come to love it and want to try it,” Sjosmo said.

Sjosma said that she wanted to open up her brand and create a brand that people could be proud of.

“The brand has become a success,” she said.

“We want to create a better, healthier, better experience for people, and that’s why we decided to open our doors for people to come and try it.”

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