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Caro beauty salon in Caronguay.

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Cara Beauty Spa in Caron.

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Carole Beauty Spa and Spa.

Carola beauty spa in Caronia.

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Caro Salon in Colombo.

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Carocos Beauty Salon in Maribara.

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Caroche Spa in Colombia.

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Carocha Beauty Salon and Spa in Tambov, Tambovo.

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Carolie Beauty Spa  in Colonia.

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Carolas Beauty Spa   in the Colombo area.

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Carollias Beauty Salon & Spa in Galangay.

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Carone Beauty Spa  in Caronia.

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Carona Beauty Spa is a brand new spa in Colosseum.

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Carondas Beauty  in Palo.

Palo Beauty and Spa franchise in Paloan.

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Carota Beauty Spa – The Galangas franchise in Coloni.

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The Galanzas Beauty and Wellness franchise, which is owned by Caros beauty spa franchise owner Caro , was launched on April 17, 2018 as a partnership between the two brands.

The franchise is set to be one of the biggest in the country with the addition of Caros spa franchise in Maradona, Colombias and Tambocas beauty spa franchises, all under the same umbrella, with Caros being the sole member of the alliance.

The beauty spa and spa franchise also has the Caros brand, which means that all three are named after the famous Galanzans beauty queen. 

The franchise was originally established by the family of Carones, which began with the family name of Carona. 

The first Carones beauty spa opened in 2007 in Carona with Carones sister, Carolla. 

Following Carona’s death in 2013, the family went on to form the franchise which has been operating for the last decade and is now run by the sister-in-law of Carosa Carona, Carona Barrientos, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the franchise. 

Caros Beauty spa franchise will expand to other parts of the country, with the first expansion planned to the province of Caronios, where it will focus on the health and wellness of the women of the community. 

“This franchise has created a beautiful, vibrant, vibrant community and a positive influence in the local community,” said Carona barrientos in a statement. 

 The franchise is also looking at expansion in other areas including other parts a countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Panama, to expand the presence of the brand in