TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Jan 07, 2020) – Beauty spa owner La Belle Spa, known for her spa treatments, is planning to open a new, indoor facility in Toronto that will offer a spa experience unlike anything you’ve seen in the world of spa services.

The new facility, which is expected to open later this year, will be located at the corner of Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West.

The space will house four different rooms, each equipped with a different beauty suite.

It is being designed to be a place that is unique to Toronto, with a high-tech vibe.

The spa, which opened in 2013, has been working with local architects to ensure that its spa is uniquely Toronto, according to owner, Christine Beres.

“This is a really beautiful space,” said Beres, who is also a professional painter.

“It’s a really unique space, and that’s what we want to do.

We want it to be Toronto and Toronto is beautiful, and we want Toronto to be here.”

Beres is the co-founder of Toronto’s first spa, La Belle Salon, which was the first Toronto-based spa in Canada.

The company was founded by two Toronto parents, who had never had a spa before.

Their mission was to offer a unique experience in a place where everyone has the same experience.

“We’re not trying to compete with the spa that we have here in Toronto,” said Laurie Bremner, the CEO of La Belle spa.

“Our spa is different because we’ve been doing it here in our backyard for a number of years.

It’s a bit of a challenge.

It takes some time to get into the mindset of being a professional.

It can be a bit intimidating.

I would love for it to feel more like a family, where everyone’s there together, but we’ve had some pretty tough moments with the family.

We are trying to build a foundation and a community here.

It would be great if it could grow to a million people.”

Toronto’s Spa Industry The city’s spa industry is booming.

According to the American Spa Association, the industry has grown by 12% over the past decade and by 7% since 2012.

The average spa bill for a spa visit is $1,250, according a 2014 survey from the Toronto Star.

The industry has also seen an increase in the number of facilities opening and opening up across the city.

Toronto has the third largest spa industry in Canada with more than 60,000 registered facilities.

La Belle has a long history of working in Toronto and has been around for more than 30 years.

The current owners are two Toronto-area women, who also own the spa, who have worked with La Belle since the company was opened.

“When I started the company, it was a hobby,” said Bremder.

“There was a time when we didn’t even have a lot of people to work with and it took a long time to grow.

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out.”

The current spa is also an integral part of the community.

The group, which has had some issues with the owner, has asked the city to intervene to keep the space open.

The city is also considering how to improve the quality of life for residents who use the space.

Beres says that the experience of using the spa is not something that a lot people experience.

The facility is being equipped with an automated touch-screen kiosk, which allows people to take a photo of their face, then upload it to Instagram, where it can be viewed by other customers.

Beers hopes to have the kiosk available in the next year.

“The idea behind this is that you don’t really get a good experience when you’re not in the spa,” she said.

“You don’t get a really authentic spa experience.

It has to be unique.

It just has to feel like a spa, and I think we’ve really captured that.”

La Belle says that it has received an overwhelming amount of support from people, from across the spectrum of the spa industry, to make the decision to open its doors in Toronto.

Bees believes that the spa’s success will come from people who are more experienced in the industry, and the people who want to be part of it.

“People are going to have to be really willing to learn to be spa workers,” she added.

“They are going for a very professional and innovative experience, and to have a good time.

The business is really going to be the first step.”