The beauty spa is a new way of getting rid of impurities in your skin, but it can be difficult to apply if you don’t have a lot of skin to wash.

But a new product by a British company called Temptify aims to help with this by providing a cleanser that uses water instead of harsh chemicals to cleanse your skin. 

Temptify’s product uses a water base and a specially formulated cleanser to treat and repair skin cells.

The cleanser is made with ingredients that are designed to neutralise acne-causing proteins, and help reduce redness, irritation and breakouts. 

The product’s ingredients are formulated to work on the cells of your skin without the harsh chemicals, and is able to neutralize and repair any existing acne, breakouts or scarring. 

“The main difference between us is that we use the natural ingredients to help cleanse the cells, which in turn will help prevent breakouts and improve the look of your face,” the company’s founder and CEO, Rebecca Smith, said in a statement.

“This cleanser will help you live longer, look better and even heal your skin.”

Temptifies water-free, acne-fighting cleanser costs £19.99, and you can pick one up from the company on

Here’s how to use the productThe Temptifies cleanser uses ingredients from a number of natural products to treat skin cells, but the cleanser isn’t the only thing it uses to do this.

The company also uses the natural products of the AHA (anti-aging) and AHA+ (antiaging) groups to help prevent inflammation, and helps remove the hard-to-reach blemishes and redness caused by aging. 

It also uses a unique combination of ingredients to break down skin-firming oils to help you feel fresh and youthful, and boost your immune system. 

You can also get a full-body scrub, or just use it as a wash over a towel, for an extra boost of hydration. 

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