A spa has been given a second chance by the local council after being criticised by some customers and residents for allowing women to sleep in the toilets while showering.

The Beauty Mark Spa in Warrington was originally built in 1972 and was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvelle.

It was one of only two beauty parlours in the city and was owned by the same family since 1904.

It has now been sold for a reported £30,000.

It came under fire in November, when residents complained of being harassed and subjected to sexist and racist comments.

The local council said it had not received any complaints but the local newspaper reported it had received several complaints of “a lack of respect” and “discrimination”.

It said it was aware of “serious concerns” about the Spa.

But it said the Spa was “a wonderful place to come and relax with your loved ones” and the council was committed to ensuring that the spa would remain in business.

A council spokesman said the council had “investigated and reviewed all the allegations made against the Spa” and had determined that the Spa “is an excellent and unique business”.

It added that the council would be making a further comment in due course.

In 2016, a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission revealed that in the UK, a total of 1,600 female doctors were on maternity leave in 2015-16.

It said the majority of them were employed as nurses and that the number was “significantly higher” than the national average.

But the report also said the number of female nurses employed in England was “substantially lower” than elsewhere in the EU.

It called on the government to introduce a “safe working day” for female nurses, with the number one priority to improve the safety of staff.

“It is time that this policy is made more enforceable,” the report said.