You’ve just got to know the beauty industry, but where is your passion?

If you’re looking for a career in beauty, then the beauty-spa world is the perfect place to start.

You can expect to earn a decent living in a professional role, as well as be rewarded for your work.

And, thanks to a thriving business, you can also have your own salon and make your own cosmetic products.

But there’s one place where you need to make sure you’re not a one-trick pony, says Ashley Schlosser, a makeup and skincare expert and the founder of the Beauty Spa Experience, a boutique in Los Angeles.

She has the skills and knowledge to become a professional makeup artist, but she’s not a natural beauty professional.

“The only thing I know about makeup is the tutorials I watched, and I don’t have the technical skills to make a complete set,” Schlossers said.

“I don’t think I could really do a complete, well-made, high-end, sophisticated makeup look.”

That’s where her skills come in.

Schlossner is the founder and president of The Beauty Spa.

She’s also a makeup artist and owner of her own salon, which opened in 2015.

Scholett says her salon is a small-scale operation that takes care of its clients’ needs.

The salon is located in a nondescript strip mall on the west side of L.A. called The Beauty Parlor, and is a very small place with no big-name clients.

She says her customers are not celebrities, but the clients who come in to her for her personal services are, but that she is not looking for those kind of people.

“It’s just a salon that caters to a certain clientele,” Scholets said.

Scholes says she’s seen a few people come in for a face wash, lip balm, and foundation, but it’s mostly for a basic routine.

It’s not like she’s selling a lot of makeup, she said.

She sells a small collection of lipsticks and eye shadows, but you only get a few colors.

And she’s happy to give them away, but not sell them.

Instead, she’ll give away makeup brushes, brushes and eyeliner.

Her clients don’t need to be celebrities, she says.

They just need to feel beautiful.

“There are so many women out there who need help with their beauty,” she said, “and I’m happy to help.”

If you want to find a career path that involves making cosmetics, then The Beauty Spas Experience is for you.

You’ll need a degree, at least a masters degree, and the right experience.

For Scholes, it was about working in the cosmetics industry as a full-time makeup artist.

She had an idea for her salon and a small shop, but didn’t have a lot money.

Then she saw a website called The Hair Shop, and thought, I need to go there and work in makeup.

So I started working at The Hair Spas.

I’m a hair stylist.

I love the idea of making a living in makeup, but I’m not an expert.

So we’re going to create a salon to get people into the makeup industry, she told Business Insider.

“We’re trying to create the next generation of makeup artists,” Scholes said.

That’s exactly what Scholes did when she founded The Beauty Salon Experience in 2015, but as of now, she’s only had one client.

“You just have to make the most of your time in The Beauty Studio,” she told us.

“Once you’re in the salon, you’re on the way to a career.”

And she says that the salon is also the place for people to make their own cosmetic-products and skinceuticals.

“What we’re really focusing on is working on making cosmetics that people really want, and also creating cosmetics that will compliment and enhance their own skin,” she added.

The Beauty Lounge has about 40 employees and has opened in several locations around the country, including a location in San Francisco.

Scholls said that her salon offers a full range of services, from a beauty-care salon to an intimate salon for individuals to have a conversation with the stylist about makeup.

Scholarship, art, and photography students are the ones who are in charge of the shop’s makeup and makeup accessories, Schlosses said.

There are also makeup tutorials and tutorials for individuals who are new to the beauty business.

The Salon also sells beauty products, but they are a different type of product.

Schossers said that people can find all kinds of products in the Beauty Salon, but most of them are cosmetic products that people buy at drugstores, which are more expensive and less reliable.

She added that they also sell makeup brushes and lipsticks, but those products are not considered a “professional” product.

You will also be able to make your products with