In a small town near the Mississippi border, there’s a salon for every taste and mood.

And it’s all in good fun, as the salon owners explain to me.

The owner, Angela Davis, is a former beauty therapist.

She opened her salon in January 2015 and now has around 150 staff members.

She said she was inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

She’s had clients come from all over the country.

Davis said the clients are a mix of women and men, ranging from the elderly to the young.

She has an open kitchen, a fitness center and a salon.

“It’s really a space where you can really relax,” Davis said.

She added that she’s been surprised by the support the community has given her.

Davis is one of a handful of women who run their own beauty salons.

There are other women who have opened their own salons in Texas, Florida and elsewhere.

But there’s no official count of beauty salon owners in the U.S., and it’s unclear whether women are participating.

Some women in beauty saloons are self-employed, but many say they work for their own businesses.

Davis says she’s not worried about her business losing customers.

“People don’t know me as an owner.

I don’t need to be known as an employee,” Davis told me.

Davis opened her beauty salon in a small business in the town of East Texas called Rosebud, which is located about 10 miles east of the Mississippi River.

It is not a salon by any means, but the owners of the salons have made a point of opening in small towns and providing services to people who are looking for something new and unique.

Davis has opened four beauty salonies and said that since opening her salon, she’s had over 500 customers.

Davis, who was a beauty therapist before opening her beauty saloon, said she thinks of herself as a mother, as a wife, as an entrepreneur and as a community leader.

“I’m a mom, I’m a wife.

I’m an entrepreneur,” Davis explained.

She wants to keep her salon open and that is a huge focus.

Davis told The Washington Post that her business is one small step toward creating a more inclusive community for women.

“We are doing this for the community.

We are doing it for the girls,” Davis noted.

“If you see a beautiful woman, you want to know what she’s like, you don’t want to think of her as someone who’s in trouble.

You want to see her as a beautiful person.

You don’t really want to be angry with her.

You can talk to her about her problems and you can talk with her about what she needs.

We’re just doing the best that we can.”

Davis said she doesn’t expect the salon to become a big business.

She does expect it to become more and more popular in the coming years.

But she does want people to remember her by her smile.

Davis hopes that as more women start using beauty salves and products to heal their skin, the salon will continue to provide the care and the support that she needs to continue doing what she does.

Davis doesn’t have a business card, but her social media is filled with photos of her smiling.

She also recently opened her own salon in Texas called the Rosebuds, which has a spa and beauty salon.

In this video, which shows a client using a Rosebudds beauty product, Davis said that she hopes that more women will be inspired to open their own salon.

It’s a small step towards creating a better community for all women, Davis added.