Hacker News contributor “Buck” has made a lot of noise over the last few months, and he’s now making a lot more noise.

According to Buck, he’s been having trouble finding a beauty spa that has a “safe” atmosphere and doesn’t “give a fuck about you.”

As of now, the only beauty spa in the city that offers a safe atmosphere and treats you with respect is the Harvesters Beauty Spa, a boutique located at the corner of Lippo Street and Jingdezhen Road.

“Bucks” claims that the Harvisers Beauty Spa “treats you like a fucking prostitute” and that they “keep your ass locked up and your face covered.”

As Buck puts it, “You need to know your place.”

When asked about the safety of his salon, Buck said, “I don’t know how safe this place is.

It’s kind of like a sex club.

They have sex, and the girls stay there.

That’s how it works.”

Buck went on to explain that he “just like any other whorehouse” that he’s visited, he “gets treated like a shit.”

As a result, Buck says that he would like to take his business elsewhere, but he can’t because he can “not live with this bullshit.”

The Harvesers Beauty spa does not appear to be the only establishment that Buck claims to have encountered unsafe conditions at.

Earlier this month, a customer posted on Buck’s Facebook page a photo of an “unfortunate incident” at the Harveys Beauty Spa.

According the post, the customer went to the Harvys Beauty Salon and noticed that two of Buck’s employees were unsupervised.

When Buck saw this, he called the police.

When the police arrived, they found that the two employees had “repeatedly touched and rubbed” Buck’s breasts.

“They have been repeatedly rubbing my breasts and touching me,” Buck wrote.

“I am shocked that they have been doing this.”

When the two women were arrested, they were charged with “sexual harassment,” “assault,” and “illegal use of public facilities.”

Buck has been contacted for comment by The Boston Globe, but we’ll update this article when he responds.

We’ve reached out to the local police and the Harvey’s Beauty spa for comment.