A beauty spa in Torquay has created a virtual spa in the style of the old Hollywood movies, where guests can experience a “virtual tour of a spa” with a view of the water.

The idea is to highlight Torquays beauty scene by giving guests an immersive experience in a spa where they can take selfies.

The spa, called the Torquess Spa, was created by artist Katie MacKenzie and her husband.

“I wanted to create an experience where people were able to go to a place they never go in their everyday life,” MacKenzys said.

“We’re not doing this for the money.

We’re doing it because we love it.”

MacKennys husband was also part of the original design team.

“My husband and I are both artists and we love to create art,” MacKennys said of the idea of creating a virtual experience in the home.

“So it’s a way for us to express our love for the community and to create something that’s truly special.”

MacKennes husband and wife started by looking at how they could capture the natural beauty of the Torbay beach and create a spa experience.

“As we were researching, we came across the beauty spa concept and thought we would use it as a way to share our love of Torquys beach with people,” MacCawks said.

The couple wanted to get a sense of Torbay, but also to showcase the beauty of Torqua Beach.

“The beauty spa is a place where people can take photos of themselves and take a selfie,” MacKayes husband said.

MacKayzes husband said he and his wife wanted to make a visual record of Torque Beach.

They found a beauty studio in the city to create the virtual spa, and it turned out to be a great way to capture Torqueness beauty.

“A lot of people go to Torques beauty studio to take a picture of themselves,” Mackellys husband said, adding that the beauty studio is a bit like a virtual tour of the beach.

“It’s a little bit of a walk in the park.”

A virtual experience has never been so real before.

MacKKennys husband explained how he and MacKayys husband have been “hacking” their way to create virtual reality experiences.

“One of the things we’ve been doing is to create this experience and have people interact with it through the camera, which is what we use the camera for,” MacKellyys husband told the Torqes Daily Mail.

MacKennies husband and his husband were able capture some of the most unique pictures of the beaches, which he shared with his family.

“When you go to the beauty salon you get to see how this is done,” Mac Kayys husband joked.

“You get to go inside and you can take a photo with the mirror and the water, and then people can share it on Instagram with the hashtag #toravera,” he said.