Beauty guru and blogger Kim Kardashian has a few tips on how to treat your skin in a spa that will give you a break from the standard spa treatment.

In a post on her website, Kardashian shares how to use the ‘VIP’ spa treatment at her Beverly Hills, California, home.

‘The VIP’ spa was created by the celebrity to make you feel as good as possible, and to do so, it provides a full suite of massage, skin-care and personal care services,’ she writes.

Kim Kardashian: ‘The spa is not a full-blown spa.

It is not like an spa, where you get a massage and you have to do your routine every day.

It’s more like a treatment centre.’

The VIP spa at Kim Kardashian’s Beverly Hills home is a full service spa.

She recommends taking a break during the day and getting a massage in the afternoon.

Kim, who is an active, active, health conscious woman, says the VIP treatment has a full spa suite including a full bed, a full bathtub and even a mini-fridge.

‘If you’re not comfortable with a spa, you can still have a spa for about an hour and then go home and do it again,’ she explains.

‘It is like a spa without a curtain or anything like that.

‘I’ve been to a spa and it was amazing and I could not have been happier with the spa.

‘There is a whole different level of comfort.

It feels like you’re in a full, spacious room with an air conditioner and you’re surrounded by people and there is a real sense of community.’

In the video, Kim explains how she goes through her routine to the VIP spa treatment: ‘I get in the shower and then I wash my face with a shower gel and then take a shower, and I then get in my makeup, put on some mascara, then I put on my lipstick and then my hair and I do the hair.

‘Then I put my makeup on, and then put my hair on, so you know, I’m just going to keep doing it.

‘And I’m going to put on the makeup until I’m satisfied with how my hair looks.’

‘I’ll start by just doing my makeup and then then I’ll start on my hair.’

The video ends with Kim taking a shower to ‘cleanse my body’, which she says is important as it allows her to feel ‘more relaxed’ before going home.

The beauty guru and Kardashian has created a new spa for women who want a more relaxed spa treatment with less time and effort.

She encourages women to stop ‘just washing your face, it’s not going to be that relaxing.’

The spa will be closed for the next five weeks.

Kim is a fan of ‘bio-luminescent treatments’, which involve using bio-energy to boost your skin, but says she is ‘not going to go there because it is too risky.’

‘It’s like being a child, you’re going to do everything you can to make yourself happy, but when it’s time to do something, it feels really bad,’ she says.

‘But that’s what makes the experience of having a spa so enjoyable.’

Kim Kardashian says that it’s important to stop using the word ‘vacation’ when referring to a full day’s worth of spa treatments.

She explains that spa treatments are ‘a very important part of your routine’ so ‘that’s what we call them.’

Kim says she also believes that there is no need to limit your time spent at the spa by limiting your number of visits to ‘a handful of times a year’.

She explains: ‘You’re going through a process and it’s really important to take time to just do a small number of treatments each day and to not make it feel like it’s a lot of time.’

I would say that if you want to stay at home, I would suggest taking your time and not letting your time be taken away from you, but if you have a full schedule, then it’s OK to do it.’

The celebrity says she will continue to use her spa as part of her routine but she has created the VIP Spa to make it more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Kim says that there are no barriers when it comes to visiting the spa but that it can be tricky to keep your guests happy and engaged.

She adds: ‘Sometimes we have to be very careful with our guests, because they’re like animals and they don’t understand how long we take.’

Kim, the mother of two, says she enjoys the experience and that she has a ‘love-hate’ relationship with her spa.

The celebrity admits she does not always stay at the ‘top of her game’ and that it takes a lot for her to get through the VIP experience each day.

She says that she enjoys ‘having a spa at home and that’s not to say that I’m not enjoying it,’ but admits that it does take her a long time to