NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A New Jersey beauty spa has launched its own line of cosmetics and spa treatments, with an eye on attracting more women and children to the area.

The spa, Infinity Beauty Spa, opened in a former grocery store on West 12th Street, in the heart of the East Village.

The space features a spa treatment suite and bar that includes a “naturally scented” scent, as well as a collection of beauty products that include body lotions, body scrubs, scrubs and facial oils, aswell as a facial scrub.

The collection of products includes facial creams, body sprays, lotions and lotions with lip balm, eye creams and lotion, and a makeup remover.

A few weeks ago, Infinity Spa launched its new line of products, which includes products for men and women, including a range of facial and body scrabels, face scrubs as well a collection that includes facial brushes, and lip balms.

The cosmetics range, called Beauty at Infinity, offers both facial and non-facial products that can be purchased at the salon and at the Infinity Spa.

The Infinity Spa also offers a number of spa treatments.

For example, the Infinity spa will offer a “natural facial” treatment and a facial massage, which will “make you feel like you have a whole new body,” said Elizabeth Stroud, owner of Infinity Spa, in a press release.

This is a very exciting moment for our community.

The future is bright for our new facility and our future, we hope, will be limitless.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of our community, she added.

For the past six years, Infinity has hosted the New York City-based Beauty At Infinity pageant, and has held a number, including this year’s pageant, which was held at the former grocery-store.

Infinity Spa has also hosted several beauty shows, including last year’s beauty pageant.

The beauty spa’s website, and at Infinity Spa’s Facebook page, features a picture of a woman in the spa, who said she was the star of the show.

It also lists an “Inspired Beauty” section that offers a look at the spa’s services.

The Beauty at Infinite pageant is set for February at the new Infinity Spa in the East Town.

It will feature contestants from around the country, including some from New York.

For more information, check out this page on the Infinity website.