A new “modern beauty spa” is popping up in London, and it’s about to make some waves. 

Beauty spa Angela is opening on the banks of the Thames in the heart of the capital. 

A new, upscale spa, designed for modern women, is opening in London. 

The spa, located on the outskirts of the city, will offer spa services and a range of beauty products including moisturizers, creams, and lip products. 

Angela has been in the works for a few years, and its founder, Eva Angelou, says it has the potential to become a global brand. 

“We are very excited to bring Angela Beauty to London,” Angelou told The Verge.

“I have been wanting to open a spa in London for a long time and this is the perfect location for me to do it.” 

The new spa will be located on Thames Walk and features a spa room, a spa kitchen, a beauty salon, and a salon that offers salon services and cosmetics. 

According to Angelou the plan is to open in March 2019. 

She says the new space will offer services from an expert spa to salon and beyond. 

I have wanted to open up a spa for a very long time.

Eva Angelous, founder of AngelaBeauty, A beauty spa in the city of London, The Angela beauty salon will offer a range in products from a modern beauty to traditional African products, and will be staffed by a dedicated team. 

For Angelou and her staff, this is a great opportunity to expand their brand and bring their services to a new audience. 

This is a really unique concept, and one that is definitely something that is really going to excite and capture a lot of attention for the space,” Angelos founder said. 

While the Angela name seems to be a bit tongue in cheek, the concept of a “modern” spa has been around for years. 

Many of the traditional African beauty products and services have also been embraced by other African countries, including South Africa and Nigeria. 

As a result, a number of beauty companies have been expanding their offerings. 

One such company is Luka Beauty, which has a spa called Lukas Spa. 

Luku is a Brazilian brand that specializes in skin care and body care. 

Their solar powered skincare and toner, Sopra, is one of the most popular brands in Africa. 

Sipra has also been very successful in Europe, having been acquired by a global beauty company in 2016. 

However, many of the products they offer are not for African skin. 

Even the brand name is a bit offensive for a brand that was originally designed for Western women. 

Although Luka has a positive, contemporary spin on the traditional beauty products, the brand has struggled in the West. 

Its name has been altered to Lakota in the US and Luke in France, and Soko has had its skin care offerings pulled from the market in the US. 

Despite this, Luka and Luka Beauty have maintained their global presence, and in fact, Lukas spa has expanded in the last few years.

Angela is also not the first business to come up with a modern twist on an old classic. 

In 2017, an Indonesian beauty brand, Genga opened its first new store in the UK since it was founded in 2008. 

And in 2018, a Swedish beauty brand Alfi opened a brand new store at the London Royal Collection. 

All of these are modern, contemporary, and unique businesses, and the concept is definitely a big draw. 

There are many other modern beauty companies operating in the area, including a Brazilian beauty brand called Ella and a Polish beauty brand.