Cosmobella is offering ‘super-high quality’ treatments for skin cancers.

The beauty brand, based in New York City, has opened a new, more luxurious spa in Lincoln, Indiana, which is known for its cosmetology, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery fields.

Cosmobello’s spa, which opened in April, has an impressive collection of services including face treatments, body treatments, skin rejuvenation, and an entire wellness program.

The spa, located at 521 W. Madison Ave., offers a wide array of services.

According to a press release, customers can expect “the best in cosmetologists, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and dentists.”

According to Cosmobs Spa’s website, the spa offers its customers “a holistic approach” to care, which includes “cosmetic treatments, facial treatments, massage therapy, skin care, hair care, facial mask, and more.”

Cosmobs spa is also offering “super-quality cosmetic care, with advanced care technologies and an emphasis on holistic treatments,” according to the press release.

The spa also offers a range of spa services, including a “facial treatment suite,” an “extensive hair care suite,” and a “skin care suite.”

According the press, customers will be able to “exercise and work in a safe environment” during their stay at Cosmobos spa.

Cosmophobes beware, as the spa does offer “frequent, high-stress, and intense treatments” to “recover and heal.”

Cosmos Beauty Spa has been open since September 2017.