Local beauty spa Allin is taking a different tack in their new location.

Allin Lincoln Spa, a popular Lincoln neighborhood favorite, will open on Friday, March 23, in Lincoln Park.

The Lincoln-based company plans to open a four-bed salon, two-bed spa, and two-bedroom wellness center.

“We are delighted to be opening our Lincoln-themed spa, a place where people can relax, celebrate, and celebrate their individuality,” said Lisa Gorman, the owner of Allin Lincoln.

Lincoln-themed Spa opening in Lincoln park.

Photo courtesy of Allins Lincoln Spa.

Owner of Lincoln-centric spa Allins.

Photo courtesy of Allan Gorman.

I have been in Lincoln for nearly 10 years and have enjoyed it so much, I am excited to be able to open the Lincoln Spa to bring Lincoln to our residents.

I will be welcoming our first client soon, a woman who is from the Omaha area.

Allin will be located at 10700 South Broadway.

The spa will offer spa treatments for men, women, and children.

The Spa will also be available to women who want to be more intimate with their skin.

Gorman said they will offer a large variety of spa treatments including massage, skin care, and hair care.

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