A few days ago, a man in a bright red sweater walked up to a mirror and snapped a selfie with the eclipse, then posted it to Twitter.

The man posted a message to Instagram, sharing a shot from his vantage point.

“Got an eclipse in my backyard,” he wrote.

“Great viewing experience.”

The man’s Instagram post prompted a flurry of comments, many of them about the man’s eyes.

One woman wrote: “My friend was driving home last night and she saw the eclipse and said it looked great.

The eclipse is just too beautiful to look away from.”

“So when you see an eclipse, take a moment to soak it in,” another wrote.

It’s not the first time a photo has been shared with the caption: “Looking at the sun from my backyard, it is a pretty sight.”

But the post that garnered the most attention was the one by a man from New York.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told ESPN Clic that he got the idea for his post from a YouTube video of people taking selfies with the sun.

He wrote that he was taking a selfie when a car pulled up beside him and the driver said: “Hi, it’s a friend of mine.”

The caption in his post read: “Hello friend!

My name is Joe and I’m a photographer, so I’m sharing this for you today.

I know you’re sitting on the curb, but you’re not looking directly at the sky like me. “

If you’re having trouble viewing the eclipse from my home, then I think it’s important to tell you that it’s probably because of how you’re standing.

I know you’re sitting on the curb, but you’re not looking directly at the sky like me.

Instead, you’re looking at it from the front seat of your car.

So you’re basically looking at the reflection of the sun on the pavement.”

He continued: “And, if you’re like me, then you’re also not in the best position to see the sun because you’re a bit high up, but that’s OK.

You’ll still be able to see it, so we can all enjoy it.

What’s even more important is that we can enjoy it in peace and comfort because you know the sun is in the sky and the sky is the moon.

That’s what the sun looks like when it’s full.

This is why the sun will be full when the moon is full.”

The Instagram post has since been viewed over a million times.

The hashtag #OwlsAreNotLights has been trending on Twitter and Instagram.

Joe said that while he has a very good eye, he has no idea what it would look like if he saw the sun with his own eyes.

He said he decided to share his post after seeing a post on the popular social network Twitter about the eclipse.

While some people applauded the idea of a man being able to take a selfie while looking directly into the sun, Joe said that he has not been inspired by the sentiment.

“I just thought it was funny to share my thoughts and share a picture,” he said.

In response to a tweet from the woman who shared his post, Joe tweeted: “Hey, I know you guys want to talk about the moon!

I get it, too.

But, that’s not a very accurate picture of the moon and the sun.”

Joe told ESPN that while the post was shared a few times, most of his followers are people who don’t have a lot of exposure to the sun in their daily lives.

When he told them that he had a friend who was standing on the same curb as him, he said he received more positive feedback than negative.

“A lot of people were saying ‘yeah, that guy is a great guy, he knows what he’s talking about,'” Joe said.

“They were just like ‘Oh my God, this is great’.”

“I didn’t know how to react, so it was pretty funny to see that a lot more people were sharing their thoughts than I thought.”

Joe said he would like to see more people take selfies with solar eclipses.

“It’s cool if people are able to be in the sun at any time,” he added.

“I just think we need to be more aware of what the moon looks like and how to capture it.”

The sun’s the most beautiful thing that we have in the whole universe.

It’s a big part of our history and I want people to understand that.