A brand new sleep spa in Berkeley is headed to the Bay Area, but the owner isn’t saying how long it will be open.

A few weeks ago, a Facebook post from the owners, Dr. Karen Koester and Dr. David Schreiber, announced the company would be opening in Berkeley at 917 E. Montgomery St. and then moving to San Francisco, where it would eventually open a new location.

Now, Koeser and Schreib have shared that the company will be opening its new location at 719 E. 5th St. The new location will have about 20 rooms, and will be operated by a “private, family-owned family business.”

The location will be located at 8th and Market Streets in Berkeley.

Dr. Schreber explained in the post that the spa will offer “excellent quality and high-quality spa care” and that the facility will offer an “additional level of comfort and convenience.”

Dr. Koesters new spa location will also feature a fully-equipped kitchen and a “full bar” where customers can enjoy cocktails and food while also watching a live feed of the spa’s employees.

This new location is slated to open to the public in late September, but Koesers Facebook post says that the owners plan to be open until mid-November, and that they will “have a few more weeks of testing to make sure that everything works as advertised.”