A spa, or beauty salon, is a place where people can take a spa treatment, often to remove toxins and pain, or to relax and enjoy a spa experience.

But a spa can also be a place for clients to relax, have fun, and explore the spa experience for themselves.

It can also serve as a place to connect with other people.

A spa can be an option for some people to get a break from the busy busywork of everyday life and for others who want a respite from the demands of a job.

But, as with any wellness practice, it’s best to consult with a professional before trying out a spa.

The following list contains the top 10 spa experiences in Canada, from the most common spa treatments to the most popular spa treatments in Canada.

For more information about spa treatment and how to get started, check out our article on spa treatment.1.

Surgical Beauty Spa and Bodywork Spa in Edmonton, Alberta (2,000-plus people)1.1 Spa Evolution (2-3 people)2.3 Spa Evolution 2 (2 people)3.1 The Spa in Sarnia, Ontario (1 person)4.2 The Spa of the Gods (1-2 people, all adults)5.1 Sauna (3 people, 3-5 adults)6.1 Bodyworks Spa in Ottawa, Ontario6.2 Bodyworks at the Ottawa Zoo7.1 Painted in Gold (2 couples, all ages)8.1 Deep Space Spa in Victoria (2 adults, all genders)9.1 Viva Spa in Winnipeg10.1 Natural Spa (1 adult, all women)11.1 Wild Spirit Spa (3 adults, 3 men)12.1 Green Room Spa in Toronto (2 adult, 2 men)13.1 Beauty at Work in Ottawa (3-5 people)14.1 A Place for Us to Breathe in Vancouver (2 children ages 7 and under)15.1 Black Swan Spa in Vancouver16.1 St. Michael’s Spa in Halifax17.1 Pure Spa (2 seniors, all 50+ years old)18.1 Tango Spa in Montreal19.1 L’Aqua Spa in Kitchener, Ontario20.1 Nivea Spa in Kingston, Ontario21.1 Aqua Spa in Calgary22.1 Oceanside Spa in B.C.23.1 Sunshine Spa in Hamilton24.1 D’Auberge de Spa in London25.1 Sunbeam Spa in Mississauga26.1 Eco Spa in Saskatoon27.1 Boca de Spa (Luxembourg)28.1 Cascadia Spa (Canada and United Kingdom)29.1 La Paz Spa (Mexico)30.1 Energia Spa (Brazil)31.1 Spazia (Italy)32.1 El Nuevo Spa (El Salvador)33.1 Bari Spa (Spain)34.1 Turca Spa (Italy and the United Kingdom, and Portugal)35.1 Beza Spa (France)36.1 Petite Spa (Netherlands and Switzerland)37.1 Salon La Cascadina (Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy)38.1 Perpetual Spa (Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Belgium)39.1 Teva Spa (Japan)40.1 Curiosa Spa (Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay)41.1 Gagarin Spa (Russia)42.1 Yuban Spa (China)43.1 Jigyo Spa (Taiwan)44.1 Wanda Spa (USA)45.1 Keg Spa (Australia)46.1 Fama Spa (Denmark)47.1 Raku Spa (Sweden)48.1 Mika Spa (Korea, and Japan)49.1 Blue Spa (Norway)50.1 Chiku Spa (Sao Tome and Principe)1/10 Top 10 Spa Treatments in Canada1.

Beauty Inside Spa 2: Spa Evolution2.

Spa Evolution 3: A Place For Us to Breathe in Gold3.

Bodyworks 4: Deep Space & Natural Spa 5: Green Room & Natural 6: Salon La Paze & Natural 7: Tango & Natural 8: Beauty at School 9: Pure Spa 10: Wild Spirit & Natural