Beauty and personal care experts say a makeup brush and a small dab of water can be a lifesaver for removing makeup, especially after a makeup day at the spa.

ABC News spoke with dermatologist Maria Morcos of Majestic Beauty Spa, who explains how to use a brush and some gentle water to remove makeup.

Morcos, who also treats skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis, says using a small amount of water to scrub your face can be an effective way to remove some makeup.ABC News: What do you think about a makeup sponge as a way to get rid of makeup?

Morcos: It’s a great idea.

You can put it in a bowl and pour some water over it and just let it soak for a few minutes.

It can also be placed in a small glass of water, and you can get some water from the water bottle.ABC: I can’t do that.

How do you do it?

Moros: I use a makeup scrub, which is a brush, so it has a lot of bristles, so you can really get in and get it all off.

It’s just a great product for that purpose.ABC 7: What about when you’re having trouble removing makeup?

Morscos: When you’re using makeup, the most important thing is to be sure that it doesn’t look dry.

If it does, you can use a face mask or a moisturizer.ABC 13: What if you have a sensitive skin?

Morcos: I have some products that have anti-bacterial properties.

But if you don’t have any sensitivity, I don’t recommend using any of those products.ABC 10: Can I apply makeup to my face?

Moresco: I would not use that.

It will dry it out, so I would use a mask or something like that.ABC 14: How do I apply my makeup?ABC 14a: You can just use your fingers, but it’s better to apply makeup using a makeup swab.ABC 15: Do you use a moisturizing cream or facial mask?

Moriesco: The first thing I would recommend is to go to the bathroom, take off your makeup and rinse your face with water.ABC 16: Can you give me some tips on applying makeup?

Moresco, Majestic beauty: Make sure that you have your makeup cleanser and your moisturizer handy.ABC 17: How can I get the best results?

Morycos, Majecom spa: When it comes to removing makeup and moisturizing, I would just recommend using a sponge and not a face cleanser.

ABC 14a, ABC 14b: Are there products you use to remove your makeup?

ABC 13b: You just apply it, just take off.

ABC 15a,ABC 15b: Do I need to reapply my makeup every time I wash my face or every time you brush your skin?ABC 13a: No.

You just brush it off.ABC 9: Can makeup be washed off my face with soap and water?ABC 7a, 9b: No, it’s best to use something like an alcohol-based facial wash or facial scrub, and if you can’t find a product that does that, you may want to try using a moisturiser.ABC 5: Can the makeup on your face be washed?ABC 3a, 3b: Absolutely.

ABC 6: Do my eyes need to be washed with makeup?

If your skin is sensitive to some kind of makeup, you might need to apply a special mask.

ABC 7a: Yes.

ABC 13a, 13b, 15a: The masks should be applied in a circular motion to your face.

ABC 12a, 12b, 13a and 15a.ABC 12a: If you’re really sensitive to any kind of facial or eye makeup, I’d say it’s probably best to apply an anti-fungal product like this.

ABC 5: What are some other products you recommend for facial and eye makeup removal?ABC 4a, 4b, 5a, 6a, 7a and 8b: These are not the products that I use, but I use one of these things that are not so strong.

ABC 9a,9b: This is not really recommended.

ABC 11a,11b: Not recommended.ABC 11a: I don.

You have to be careful.

ABC 4a: It is definitely not recommended.