A free beauty spa in South Australia is being condemned after a woman was thrown out after her husband posted a comment on social media calling her a “bitch” and saying he would “fucking kill her.”

The woman’s post has since been taken down and the post was removed from the site.

In the post, the woman’s husband says: I’m going to be a fucking killer to your bitchy cunt, you fucking b*****t, and I’ll be fucking killing you.

I will be a f*****g monster and I will kill you.

If you’re not a bitch, you are a f****** cunt, and a cunt you fucking bitch, bitch.

The woman has posted a screenshot of the comment on Instagram.

A message was left on the woman by the woman for The Hill, but the reply has since disappeared.

Earlier this month, a man who said he would kill his girlfriend and another woman were sentenced to eight months in jail after pleading guilty to attempted murder for the 2015 stabbing deaths of two people at the Brisbane beauty spa.