A small but highly decorated beauty spa is now set to open in a city centre in southwest England.

The Fauna Spa in the city of Woking will be the first of its kind in the country, with the rest of the business expected to open later this year.

The beauty salon, which has been operating in Woking since last year, has now taken on a new name: the Fauna Salon. 

Its owner Fiona is a beauty professional and she says the project is all about bringing her own unique style and experiences to the people of the town.

She said: ‘I’m really proud to have a spa that is going to be about giving people a real feel of beauty.’

I love the people in Wokes and I know they love their spa, so it’s really about taking the beauty and spa experience that people have.’

We have all the facilities in the spa and we have all these great people here.’ 

A few years ago, Woking became a hotbed of interest in the booming beauty business.

It has long had a reputation for high quality spa services and an array of local shops.

But as the number of people living in the town increased, the business became more difficult to maintain.

Fiona said: ‘We are all working hard and trying to stay in business but I feel that we need to look at the future.

‘We are not sure if we will be able to continue to operate at this level.’

So what we are looking at is getting this as close to a commercial model as we can possibly get.’

The cost of living in Woke is really low, we are living in a lovely neighbourhood and we are trying to get as close as we possibly can to what is possible to sustain a business here.’

Fiona and her team are currently working to make sure that the facility can remain open at a reasonable price and keep it from going out of business.

The facility will also have an outdoor pool, a steam bath and a sauna.

It is expected to offer a range of services from massage to personalised treatments. 

‘A lot of the beauty spa industry is in the south-east of England but there are still quite a few places that people do not have access to, particularly in rural areas,’ Fiona said.

‘The facilities in Woked are going to provide an amazing experience for those people who are not connected to the capital.’

Woking is a very special place and the people who live here are just amazing people.

‘I am really looking forward to opening up and being able to provide the best experience to everyone who comes here.’