Month: November 2021

How to create a spa in the palm of your hand!

With your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook you can now create a mini spa.We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks for using this handy app on your phone or tablet to make your own spa.1.Find a location to set up.A quick Google search can get you here: the app.Head over to the Spotify website, tap […]

The Beauty Valley Spa, Beauty Therapy Spa

A beauty therapist at a spa in Orange County is in a dispute with the state over what she calls a “double standard” when it comes to providing services for the elderly.In a letter sent to the State Board of Equalization, which oversees the California Department of Licensing and Regulation, Amy Bussin said the state’s […]

What’s inside a beauty spa?

Within a spa is where the money is made.As well as spa treatments, there are also beauty products that can help to control and treat acne and blemishes.The beauty products you’ll find in a spa can range from creams, cleansers, serums, treatments, makeup and even hair treatments.The most important thing to consider is how often […]

Why you should wash your hair with natural products

In this article published Monday, CBC News explores what you need to know about using natural products to treat hair.1:01 The natural products that you need are often a combination of the natural ingredients that are in natural products and the products that are commonly used.And when you use natural products, you’re doing it in […]

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