It’s been a few years since we first posted about the beauty spa tauspung, but the trend of using shampoo is still alive and well in Thailand.

We recently spoke to two spa owners to find out which beauty spa has the biggest shampoo dispenser and which spa offers the best.

Juna Beauty Spa in Phuket is the best for us, according to one of the owners, who said the shampoo dispensers are huge, but that they are more comfortable than a standard salon shampoo dispensing system.

“It’s huge.

You don’t feel cramped.

I like to use it to wash my hair, and my hair is super thick.

It’s also the perfect size to store shampoo.

I don’t think I have to wash any more shampoo than that.

It doesn’t feel like a salon shampoo, because I’m not wearing a toup-a-tat,” the owner said.

The other spa owner, who asked to remain anonymous, agreed that the shampoo is big, but he doesn’t think it’s the best choice for daily use.

She said that if you’re going to use shampoo to shampoo your hair, you want to use the shampoo that’s formulated for your hair type.

There are so many shampoo brands, and so many different brands, that the best thing to use is one that’s good for you.

“I don’t use any more of that shampoo because I feel I need it to keep my hair healthy and not break out,” she said.

We asked the owner what kind of shampoo is best for the specific hair type that she uses.

We like the Bumble and Bumble Bumble shampoo for people with oily or curly hair.

It has an amazing pH balance.

If you’re trying to get a quick shampoo, we recommend one that has the highest pH.

If you’re looking for a high pH shampoo, like Bumble, that has a higher acidity, we like that one,” she explained.

We also asked her if she uses any of the brands that are recommended by the shampoo brand.

Yes, she said, and that she only uses Bumble.

It also has a really nice smell.””

It’s very gentle and very gentle with the pH.

It also has a really nice smell.”

The owner said that the water and the shampoo are very simple, which is a plus when you’re in a country like Thailand where it’s very expensive to have a shampoo dispensor.

This is not the first time we’ve reported on the shampoo and conditioner dispensing industry in Thailand, but we’re pleased to report that this is the first case where we’ve seen a shampoo and shampoo dispensering system that actually does work.

As we mentioned above, we spoke to a spa owner in Phuuket, and she said that she also uses the shampoo, but she’s not a big fan of using it for daily washing.

However, she says that it’s a great option if you don’t have much time to wash your hair and want to save money.

So, we asked her to try it out for a few minutes and she was able to use one of our favourite shampoo brands that have a great pH balance and great scent.

In the end, we’re not sure how well the shampoo works, but it’s definitely a good option for a shampooing experience in a place where shampoo is a luxury item.

You can watch the full interview with the owner below: You can also check out our guide to Thai beauty products for the ultimate in beauty and beauty products.