Beauty spa owner Maria Salome has said she is closing her London salon after the UK leaves the European Economic Area (EEA). 

The Spa is located in the affluent East End neighbourhood and is owned by the family of former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who was a vocal supporter of Remain in the EU. 

“I am deeply disappointed and I am extremely sad that we are not going to be able to continue in the UK,” Ms Salome told the Evening Standard. 

She said she would be looking for other locations to open, with plans to open in the West End. 

The move comes after a wave of closures and closures by Londoners and businesses across the city following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, which came into effect on March 22. 

Some businesses and residents of London have also lost out on job opportunities and support after the Brexit vote, while the UK Government has struggled to convince businesses to relocate. 

Ms Salome, who started the business in 2010, said she did not want to lose her customers, but she was unable to find a location for the new salon. 

At the end of March, the EEA agreed to extend the duration of membership by five years, allowing the UK to remain in the bloc until 2023. 

After the extension, there was a surge in London-based beauty companies leaving the city, with Salome said to have had at least 50 such companies leave since the start of this year. 

But in a statement to the Evening Express, Salome confirmed that she would close the salon and was looking to relocate elsewhere.

“It’s not a goodbye to the business, it’s just the right time for us to start planning our future,” she said. 

Salome said she was unsure if the salon would reopen as she did have a small clientele in the area, but that she hoped to reopen at some point. 

Image: Alamy