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How to get rid of your tanning clog

You may have noticed that a lot of tanning clinics are now offering free treatments for the same problem: that the tanning beds they’re trying to get you to tan have clogged pores.But the problem is much more complicated than simply getting the tan lines out.It’s about your skin’s natural lubrication.The natural lubricity is what […]

Beauty spa in Halifax opens

CANTERBURY, Nova Scotia — Aqua Beauty Spa, an all-natural spa in a community that includes a school and community centre, has opened in Halifax.The Nova Scotia Health Authority says the spa is on the verge of being able to operate.The company is the brainchild of Ava and her husband, Paul.In an interview with CBC News […]

How to spot the ‘Magic Beauty’ spa in Singapore

Beauty spa operator Aqua Beauty Spa has a strong presence in Singapore’s major cities, where its brand is widely known.But for some, it’s also been one of the city’s most underutilised and neglected businesses.It was in Singapore in the early 2000s when Aqua Beauty, owned by the same group that owns the beauty spa company […]