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Why is a self-driving car so damn expensive?

A self-driven car is a car that can autonomously drive itself, and a new technology company says it’s one that’s going to save you money.The self-drive car company, Ascentia, says its car is more affordable than the car you’d buy yourself.A self driving car would cost $70,000 to $100,000 and require $500,000 worth of research […]

How to choose the perfect spa for your spa

What to consider before you go for a spa appointment: Is it a beauty spa?Is it for health?Is there a spa area?If so, what kind of spa is it?Are there children’s play areas?If not, what are the requirements?Is the spa clean?Are the spa services available?Is a massage possible?Are guests encouraged to come?Are they given a […]

How to find a new spa for your spa?

All in Beauty spa in Melbourne has recently closed.It was shut in April this year.The spa has had a hard time attracting new clients in recent years due to the closure of its Victorian branches, with its Melbourne branch having experienced a downturn in recent months.Melbourne’s All In Beauty Spa in Melbourne is closing.The Spa […]